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“Engaging, fun, enlightening and inspiring at all times, this was the best sales training we've ever had.” - Sian Burton, Kyero

We are proud that our sales training has a 100% re-booking rate

If you are a company leader or department leader who is trying to improve the sales performance of your team with processes that can be trained, coached, monitored and constantly improved, then we can help you.

With training based around honesty in sales, we make sure all teams understand the essence of sales: The Search for Truth. Once we understand the truth about a client’s needs, it’s our job to help them in making a good buying decision.

Our training, based around our unique 4-point EASY sales structure, gives every salesperson a framework that delivers consistency whilst also allowing space to be individuals.

Finally, through a training style built on interaction, enjoyment and a love of sales, we help teams to use honesty and consistency to create sales confidence that delivers that little bit extra when talking to clients. Key topics included in our sales training programmes include:

  • Understanding the true nature of sales
  • Sales mindset and why it matters
  • 4 ingredients of sales success
  • Unconscious buying decisions and how to influence them
  • 4-step structure of interactive sales conversations: E.A.S.Y.
  • Introductions with warmth and authority
  • Smart questions that build connection
  • Selling with passion and insight
  • Ending conversations compellingly
  • Objections: How to overcome them or inoculate against them
  • Live practice: putting words into action

If you want to inspire your teams to change, then give them practical steps to improve their performance, contact us today. We look forward to speaking to you.

EASY Sales Structure

(Example for telesales)

EARN the right to speak

When someone answers the phone, they’re free to speak. They’re now deciding whether they want to speak to us. We have a few seconds to earn the right to have a conversation.


ASK questions to understand client and their needs

Our job in sales is to help people make good buying decisions and we can only help them if we understand their needs; the best way to do this is to ask them questions.

SELL product or service to match client’s needs

Once we understand our client and their needs, we will know if our product or service matches them. If it does, this third step is the time to explain how we can help them.

YES or no to an agreed next step

At the end of a conversation in which we’ve found a need we can meet, we should summarise the conversation and agree a simple next step in the process.

“Fantastic training programmes that I would recommend for companies with both outbound and inbound sales teams. I’ve seen consistent results in the medium and long term as a direct result of the techniques.”
William Goode

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Looking to improve the sales performance of your team?

We deliver proven processes that can be
trained, coached, monitored and constantly improved.

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