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Water conservation and washroom specialists HSG UK have been helping companies to better, cleaner and more cost-effective washrooms since 2007.

With a team of qualified in-house plumbers and a Queen’s Award-winning product, this family-run company based in Derby has a proud history of helping clients. Not only do they provide better washrooms than any like-for-like competitor, they also help companies save water, save CO2 and save money; it’s a remarkable combination. Whilst future success looked assured, Founder Simon Rice felt that it was time to turbo-charge their growth. He had assembled a dynamic senior management team to help him and the only gap remaining was a sales strategy and process delivered by a confident and skilled team. That was when they made a call to us.


With their range of outstanding washroom products, including the unique patented Ureco used by Tesco, Rolls Royce and the NEC, and their first-class service, HSG needed no help to deliver a remarkable customer experience every time. No other product in their marketplace has received the awards bestowed upon their Ureco – including the Queen’s Award for Innovation – and few companies can boast such a full trophy cabinet after a range of business awards in the last decade.

Remarkably, though, HSG had reached these high levels without a clearly executed sales strategy or process. With several senior technicians and directors happy to meet qualified clients, there was plenty of expertise to show prospective clients the benefits offered but there were far too many empty meeting slots in the diaries of this expert team.

Our work in the early weeks focused on getting the enthusiastic but inexperienced sales team ready for a much bigger campaign to drive sales. Once their knowledge, skills and habits were stronger, they started their outbound sales activity to increase the number of meetings booked. It took a bit of time – these things do! – but, as their call numbers increased and the call quality improved, the diaries started filling up. After only a few months working with us, HSG is starting to see increased revenue as well as a much stronger pipeline. In our work to date (5 months in), milestones include:

  • Sales Training Programme delivered to all staff and recorded for future staff
  • Activity levels, conversion rates and management of sales pipeline improved
  • Weekly coaching programme created, giving 1-2-1 support to each salesperson
  • Significant increase in sales performance and revenue

We continue to support the work of HSG and their fast-improving sales team. With the quality of their products and services, the expertise of their management team and the quality of their technical teams, it’s clear that their recent sales growth is just the beginning.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – What they said about our work

“From day 1, the professional attitude and positive vibe you brought lifted both the sales team and those around them. You gained respect quickly and developed excellent relationships with everyone whilst helping them to change behaviours – a tricky skill to do when you come in from the outside! The sales skills have improved hugely and we’re starting to see results in the sales revenue. I feel informed but not over-burdened with too much information or too many requests for help. A better team, less of my time taken with sales and an established sales process for future success; I’m delighted with your work so far and look forward to carrying on the growth with your help.”

Simon Rice, Founder & MD

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