Sales Training with Love – What a Difference!

May 24, 2023

I love sales. I love salespeople. And I love training salespeople. But you may ask: “What’s love got to do with it?” What difference does it make to training your team when love plays a part? Here are 3 reasons it makes a difference.

1. The Transfer of Enthusiasm is my favourite definition of sales. I can almost guarantee that your favourite subject at school was taught (at least at some stage) by your favourite teacher.

Part of what probably made them good was their enthusiasm for their subject. It’s the same with sales training: a trainer with a love of sales, salespeople and training is more likely to transmit the right kind of energy to your team.

2. Quality of content – when you love a topic, you have a natural and never-ending curiosity for reading about it, researching it and finding new ways to do it. For a trainer, this means their content is being constantly revisited, refreshed, updated and improved.

Your team gets the best of the new ideas re sales delivery and methodology to reflect the changing world plus the best of the core foundations of sales psychology which don’t change as quickly.

3. Similarity and connection – Winning over a sales team is difficult but unless a trainer can do that, the training content doesn’t matter. Again, like a teacher, if you can’t engage the room, the content becomes irrelevant.

When a palpable love for sales and respect for salespeople is clear in a trainer, it’s much more likely a sales team will see a similarities to themselves and be more willing to listen. Then – and only then – does Point 2 (the quality of content) come into play.

Love and passion can be overused and over-rated in business. I don’t believe that passion alone is enough to make a business succeed nor do I believe that love alone makes a great sales trainer. But, in both cases, it’s much more likely to succeed if a business leader has passion or a sales trainer has a genuine love of sales.

If you agree and want to find out how we can help you improve the performance of your sales teams, get in touch now and we’ll book a time to speak. For now, happy (and love-filled!) selling to you all.

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