New name, new aim: The True Sales Company

February 17, 2023

In February 2023, we re-branded as The True Sales Company; here’s the story of why.

Why change our brand name?

Having traded as Sales Talent for a few years now, it was a brand name no longer fit for purpose.

It’s unsuitable as it says ‘recruitment’ and we no longer have recruitment as one of our services. When we thought about the main services we offer now – Sales Training and Sales Consultancy – we wanted to find a name that captures our values and says something about the work we do.

Whilst we could have chosen a neutral name, we wanted the name to speak for us, to identify us and to be part of our DNA.

Reflecting on the values behind our work with clients across the UK and Europe over the last few years, 3 words kept coming to the foreground: Honesty. Consistency. Confidence.


Almost every problem in sales – from attraction and retainment of talent to establishing long-term relationships with prospective clients – has, as its source, either a misunderstanding of the essence of sales or a failure to execute sales based around this core principle we should all hold as absolute.

When sales is seen as dishonest (which is the case for most people), we can’t attract the right kind of employees and we can’t build the right kind of client relationships. It defines how the public sees us and, also, defines how we see ourselves. When we regard our role as one which persuades against a client’s interests or forces deals to hit targets and earn commission, we belittle ourselves and diminish our reputations.

When we see sales as the honest endeavour it should be, one in which we help prospective clients make good buying decisions based on finding the truth about their needs, it changes everything.

Every course we host, every consultancy project we run starts with making clear the importance of honesty in sales. Without it, nothing else really matters.


Any activity in which humans are consistently successful is based on a repeatable process or structure and it’s the same in sales. Not scripts, not robotic delivery irrespective of situation but a structure with flexibility and repeatability in equal measure.

Our sales training, based around our unique 4-point EASY sales structure, gives every salesperson a framework that delivers consistency whilst allowing space to be individuals. It’s simple and dynamic, and will underpin success at any sales organisation with a repeatable, scalable, human sales process.


The secret sauce to success in life is, often, confidence and that is certainly true in sales. Too many companies spend too much time and effort telling their salespeople they’re no good, they need to ‘up their game’ and pointing out every small mistake made in the belief that this will improve their performance. We’ve hardly ever found that to be true.

Confidence is built, firstly, on competence (or should be!) so, to give people sales confidence, you should teach them how to sell well. But confidence is also built on support, on encouragement and with a greater focus on ‘Well done’ than ‘Well, what the hell was that?’

People will leave any interaction with us feeling great about the job they do and well-equipped to do it well. Happy to sell, proud to sell and qualified to sell. Plus, of course, full of confidence.

Being honest in your sales career – and working for a company that supports you in this – makes you feel better about your job. Being taught how to do your job well, with regular training based around a proven process, gives you a higher chance of success based around a flexible structure. The support of your internal team and, where suitable, an external sales expert should add the secret sauce of confidence that elevates very good to great.

Re-branded and fired up for action, The True Sales Company wants to change the world of sales with training built on honesty, consistency and confidence delivered to 1 million people in the next decade. 

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