3 Keys to Sales Success in 2022

February 2, 2022

Occasional success in sales is easy; it’s consistent excellence that is much harder and, without it, one month’s gains are wiped out by the next month’s losses. Consistency – and the confidence it breeds – comes from process, structure and practice but there are 3 other elements that will undermine your success if you don’t address them. 


There is no sales technique in the world that will consistently mask a lack of belief in what you sell. Our favourite definition of sales is ‘the transfer of enthusiasm’ and it’s one of the reasons that company owners are often outstanding at sales even if their skills are minimal: they have such belief in what they sell that people are won over. How much does your team believe in your product or service? Anything below 8/10 is a concern; go to 6/10 or below and you have a major problem. 


Belief will take you a long way but if it turns into long, unfocused explanations of benefits, then good prospects will switch off before you’ve had the chance to win them over. Can your salespeople answer the question, “What’s so special about what we do?” in 25 seconds or less? If the answer is no, then please take action now. It takes a bit of time and practice (and a few quid if you need our help) but it’s one of the most important changes you can make today to the way you sell. 


Without a genuine curiosity to find out more about clients and their needs, your sales team will fall into the trap of talking AT people rather than talking WITH people. Taking time to understand prospective clients is the greatest compliment we can pay them and the quickest way in which to change the way they think of us. It’s also the sales skill that makes the biggest difference in our personal relationships too. How much does your sales team know – really know and understand – your clients and prospects? 

Belief. Clarity. Curiosity – 3 keys to sales success in 2022

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