Ayrton Bespoke Case Study: 30% Growth in Covid Year

July 23, 2021

Best Sales Year Despite Covid-19

Ayrton’s successful track record in designing and installing some of the best replacement windows and doors in London is recognised across the city. However, after more than a decade of trading, they saw a huge drop-off in business when Covid-19 first struck.

As lockdowns were introduced, the order book dried up and drastic measures were needed to kick things back into life. Various changes were made internally to allow a razor-sharp focus for every member of staff and the team pushed themselves to give everything to keep the business on track in extraordinary times.


We can’t help companies to produce great products or to install great windows and doors, of course. Thankfully, Ayrton already had that side of things in fantastic shape: their in-house designers map out the best options for their clients, their manufacturers are the best at making great windows and doors, and their own fully trained installation teams put the right products into the right places in the right way. As the UK opened up after the first lockdown, making homeowners feel more comfortable to welcome people into their homes, our work focused on helping the sales team back to full fitness.

Alongside a structured, reliable and consistent sales process, it was important to lift motivation levels back to where they should be – we’d all been through a shock to the system but it was critical to get back to work quickly. With monthly sessions that involved both group sessions and 1-2-1 coaching, we covered a range of different sales ideas to help, some of which are listed below:   

  • Motivation – How to sustain it, day in day out
  • Productivity – Time management ideas to do more each day
  • Negotiation – Keep margin whilst keeping customers happy
  • Differentiation – Explaining value when compared to others
  • Consistency – The difference between a good week and a good year

We also created the Ayrton Sales Playbook, a definitive guide on all sales process and strategies for ongoing support of the team and for the training of all new hires.

At the end of the financial year (April 2020 – March 2021), Ayrton’s owners were delighted to announce that, in the face of the most difficult business environment of our lifetimes, they had managed to generate their highest revenues ever, 30% up on their previous year. It was a brilliant achievement and one in which we were delighted to play our own small part.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – What they said about our work

“Paul worked with us closely as we brought the team back to work post-lockdown. He helped the team to focus on the most important factors and to bring their skills to a level of consistency that we have never had before. The company is now in the strongest position it has ever been and we look forward to continuing our work with Paul throughout the current year and beyond. Many thanks for all your work; it’s been fun, inspiring and profitable!” Liam Byrne, Managing Director

See our case study for Kwickscreen and our commercial property client.

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