Simple Steps to Turn Enquiries into Sales

May 28, 2021

People are returning to the office and I’m delighted to have delivered training this month in person again. It’s great to be back!

Whilst things are getting better, a major issue for many sales teams right now is how to turn ‘interest expressed’ into ‘orders placed’. Clients are making enquiries in most markets, they’re looking at various options for purchase – they’re doing a lot of thinking! But then, too often, the process is stalling. It feels like things are looking up but the money is not yet flowing in.

Momentum is key in any sales process and my fear for many teams right now is that they’re so pleased clients are answering their phones and talking again, they’re accepting a lack of commitment to clear next steps. They’re also holding back from positioning the benefits they offer in an urgent and compelling way as clients are often saying they’re just researching the options right now rather than being ready to buy. This is rarely true, folks!

If you’re seeing enquiries up but no increase in revenue, don’t despair! There are many ways to address this issue. Not every enquiry is a sure-fire sale, of course, but, as we kick back into life post-Covid, we must go back to the basics of successful sales.

  • Being proactive
  • Qualifying well
  • Delivering compelling messages
  • Creating (and sustaining) momentum

In recent training sessions, I have worked with teams to create urgency in their sales conversations. In one session alone, we came up with 15 different ways to help: all small, subtle but significant steps to increase momentum.

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